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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Creations of '09

While organizing my fabric stash last fall (which is still an on going process), ran across several scarfs that belonged to Ken's Grandy Mommy. When Suzanne (Ken's Mother) gave them to me, over a year ago, I wanted to some how incorporate them into a bag for Suzanne. The pattern used can be found in Soule Mama's book, Handmade Home, called the Mama Bag. Since there were several scarves, also made one for his sister, Rachael, had fabric I knew she would love! Used a light fusible webbing on one side of scarves and used them for the lining in each bag. Rachael watched Suzanne open hers first, and said, "I would love one of those!" And much to her surprise she did receive one of her very own:) My intended use for the bags was to carry scrap-booking supplies, crafts, knit/crochet supplies, or yarn. They both really loved 'em!


(bottom photo is the lining)


(bottom photo is the lining)

Remember this post? Well I am sure by now the recipients have received their gifts and the sneak peek can be revealed! My friend, Jillian, commissioned me to make her mother and mother-in-law aprons for Christmas. She requested this style apron, same one as I had made her a year ago, apparently her mother really enjoyed wearing hers while staying with Jillian. I was completely flattered! She provided me with the lovely fabric and I went to work!

Hope these aprons are enjoyed for years to come!

Red and apple side is my favorite!

Thank you so much for the opportunity Jillian! And sorry again for the ruffle mix-up!

While dropping off her aprons I also dropped of their family gift.
~Hand-Stitched Wall Hanging~

Have something for Nana too, check back though cause it's still in the works!


Jillian said...

Christine, I don't know how I missed seeing this post. Maybe I was out of town when you posted it? The aprons turned out lovely! I especially love the apple and red fabrics together! I know the moms will enjoy them...now I want to make one with the leftovers for me!! You are so talented! The wallhanging is certainly a keepsake! Those handbags are beautiful too!

Yarni Gras! said...

omgoodness, your work is amazing! The bags are lovely, as are your aprons! I hope you join one of my apron swaps this year, we'd love to have you!