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Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Thursday, February 14, 2013

♥ sweet cheeks ♥

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happy day of love everyone! now... go love the one you're with :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

three month milestones {super hero style}

oh sweet baby of mine, oh how you have grown this month! your third month of being, ninety days as part of our sweet family. and my how you have grown us as a family in that short time... your beautiful lifetime. we all love you to the moon & back sweet one! you're just as cute as can be & showing more of your personality by the day.
every super hero needs a cape, right? :)
early on this month you began to bat & swing your arms wildly at toys without much control,
but now you have much more control over your movements & can grasp onto a toy for quite some time.
though your favorite is to have mommy lean in real close & let you grab at my face & hair. oh how you delight in this & i do too :)
you love faces & smiles. you're oohing & cooing ever so much more. you have got to be the.most.chatty.baby.ever!
& i love it! you babble & gurgle on all day long. you still love your hands, as of late especially your thumb.
you've pretty much outgrown the swaddle & enjoy a bit of thumb sucking to soothe yourself.
one thing i truly love the most lately is your sweet giggle that you seem to scare yourself with :)
you will giggle a bit & then make a distressed face followed by a little whine... way.too.cute!
you loathe the bird on your activity mat. the frustration in your tone is quite evident. it seems you think he is mocking you by the sheer fact that you can't yet get your hands to grasp around his body. each time you almost succeed but then at the last moment he always seems to get away... that rascally bird :P
{some cute lil' outakes}
you've begun sleeping through the night 8+hours... oh.the.bliss. :)
mommy & daddy now have their room back, ahem, i mean you're now sharing a room with your big bro Ethan. who just adores you so,
he loves to make you laugh & smile by saying your name... Aaaaaaiiidennnnn, it's so sweet to watch.
he tries his best to soothe you with the paci, but most of the time you protest. to which he huffs, walks off & says, "he won't take the paci mommy can you feed him?"
or my favorite is... you'll be crying, mommy's momentarily busy making dinner or helping someone with something (mind i can hear you crying) he will come to me & say "mommy the baby is crying." in a tone that indicts i might not hear you crying so he better let me know just in case
& keep making those spit bubbles cause he loves that too.
and Orion, oh i think Orion just loves you so much he.could.burst! you two have quite the connection. he's very protective & attentive of you. always making sure little feet don't topple over you. he would gurgle at you all day, just for that sweet smile :)
his favorite... staring contest. yep that's right & guess what you win quite a bit of the time! he discovered that babies don't blink anywhere near as much as kids or adults, very interesting & it definitely makes for interesting staring contests :P
your daddy, well he too is quite in love with you. watching the two of you stare & smile at each other is magical, just magical... sigh.
you are going to be his musical baby, daddy just loves listening to records with you. and insists that you just love it too & i quite agree with him :) ninety percent of the time lately daddy has been giving you your bottle & sending you off with sweet dreams. he is still the ultimate bebe whisperer, love. him. so. much. for .it!
as for me... i swoon over you, my sweet little baby! from your tini toes to your plump little fingers & all the bits in between, i.love.you!
some of the sweet moments i enjoy are when you're nursing & i notice you've stopped, when i look down you are just smiling away at me, melts my heart!
watching you explore, discover, & learn is such a blessing. watching a baby learn never gets old, does it?
i am completely captivated when you start babbling & gurgling away at me. my heart swells because your beautiful brown eyes know me as your mother, your excited kicks over my presence & your sweet nursing snuggles are so joyful to experience.
sweet baby boy you are precious to each & every one of our hearts.
we truly do love you to the moon & back again!
happy three months!!!