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Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Thursday, March 7, 2013

four month milestones

oh sweet one you are officially 4m/o, wow that happened in the blink of an eye!
as i type this i am watching you sleep in a swing that you are all too quickly outgrowing! what will i do? that.is.the.nap.spot!
oh naps... they rarely happen for long lengths but i'll take it cause you are a night time sleeper, going down for the night around 8pm
& not getting up until between 6am & 8am. let's make this a forever thing, okay?
but my how you have begun to giggle & giggle, oh your sweet sweet giggle! you smile like it's going out of style, though if provoked you can turn on the tears.
my silly sweets!
you have begun to notice that if you whine long enough someone will come to your rescue...
whether it's mommy/daddy to pick you up or one of the boys making silly sounds & faces. there is always someone there to your rescue.
one of the perks to being the baby, enjoy sweet one :)
you & that thumb... i sometimes wonder if you are going to win the game & succeed in stealing your thumb from your hand,
but alas the hand wins out every.single.time. :P
know this shot is out of focus but your smile is just so delicious! and this IS the smile you happily wear 99% of the time :)
love those chocolate colored eyes
i think you will be a {thrill seeker}
early on this month you began rolling onto your right side but would get caught up on your arm.
well by the end of the month you have started rolling over & over & over... our little rollie pollie baby!
oh those eyes... swoon!
tummy time can be a bit frustrating for you. it's as though your mind & body are in constant battle with one another.
you wanting to touch, taste & grab at every thing in sight but the connections between your mind & body are not quite all there yet...
i'm sorry for this sweet one but you'll get there i promise.
oh my how your big brother Ethan just loves to love on you. the newest is helping daddy feed you your bottle.
and when you are fussy he delights in making you smile & laugh, very very proud of himself if he accomplishes this task :) he loves to hear you giggle!
you love to put just about anything in your mouth... yikes! this makes for a more watchful mama, especially now that you are rolling around.
the floors are usually covered in about 9,945 lego pieces, just waiting for a small mouth to be put into... very.watchful.eye.
you get about three 6oz. bottles a day, i call'em your Big Gulp & oh how you LOVE those :)
but you still need mama for most of your feedings throughout the day, we call this {mommy time} & you do get quite grouchy without.
you have had rice cereal once now & my that was a fun & messy experience, but you seemed to enjoy it.
you also got your first little cold this month & survived. you have experienced the bumbo, though your enthusiasm was lacking, we'll work on that.
you love looking at books, magazines & pictures... my how you LOVE pictures! especially ones of those that you love, you just start smiling away, it's so cute.
speaking of smiles, you love those too... you just delight in being smiled at & cooed over!
another new experience was the jumper, which took about two weeks of putting you in it a few minutes a day to get you used to &
even then you still kind of hate it. though i have recently learned that if i take you socks off it will buy me about ten minutes more use, crazy i know!
oh!those!eyes! you look just.like.your.daddy! well minus the drool :P everyone says it :) I must tell your daddy this five times a day...
he says he doesn't see it!!! boy I do & I love you all the more for it, a little mini daddy, so cute.
you love to look at yourself in the mirror... it is very interesting to watch you gaze at yourself.
you will flash a little smile & in response you will smile even bigger, you.big.flirt!
love the look you get when i sing to you, it is truly priceless & heart.melting!
daddy & i both discovered that you have a birthmark on your lower abdomen area... precious!
keep growing sweet baby, we love you!
oh how you have stolen our hearts ♥
happy four months sweet baby!