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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apron Attitude!

WARNING: POST WITH PLENTY OF PICTURES!!!!! Last week for some reason ended up being pretty much dedicated to trying apron patterns. I was inspired by some beautiful like mother like daughter fabric that I found! Since I myself do not have a daughter, I instantly thought of matching aprons for Jillian and Lilly:)

So off I went scouring the Internet for just the right apron pattern for them both, and lucky enough I found some. Both patterns were a guide for me, I tweaked each one to fit my needs.

Lilly's was a one sided apron pattern that I turned into a reversible apron. I thought it would be nice if they could match when they wanted and have a side all their own when they wanted. Pattern can be found here. I did not tweak this one really, just decided to make it reversible. Found a cute Fairy Ballerina Princess fabric that was too adorable to pass up.

Jillian's pattern was already reversible, there were just a few things I didn't like so I changed them. First thing I changed was the tie at the top of apron, I also constructed the waistband differently, and did not make it as long. The neck strap I extended to the side ends of bodice, also shortened the ruffle, and I lengthened the apron as well. Pattern I used as guide can be found here. I found a very cute circle pattern fabric that I paired with the like mother like daughter fabric. One side has the mother daughter fabric as the main pieces with circle fabric trim and the other side is reversed.

Inspired by these aprons I wanted to make my son, Orion, and Jillian's son, Andrew, semi-matching aprons. So I came up with my own Kids Reversible Butcher's Apron pattern. And they turned out great! Orion has really enjoyed his. He loves the fact that he gets to keep something Mommies made, because I am always giving them away, so it was special:)
Orion's Apron

Green Side

Andrew's Apron
Crazy Cars

Mad Scientist Side

I also forgot that the first apron I made was for myself... a Reversible Half-Apron from a tutorial found here. PS~ This is a great blog and definitely worth looking at:)

So there is what I was doing last week! Apron Crazy!!! I also finished Orion's Halloween Costume last night and hope to finish Ethan's in the next 2 days. I will post some pictures of them after Halloween.

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