{food for thought}
Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Franken-tastic Frankie & The Magic Dragon {Boo Brothers}

happy halloween
from us & our
{boo} beans! xoxo

Thursday, October 28, 2010

{You Capture} Autumn means...

baskets of apples & pretty shoes
basket of apples
basket of apples & pretty shoes
basket of apples
costume creating
creating costumes
early school mornings, which means...
school mornings
lazy saturdays
saturday morning laziness
after soccer of course
adventures with my oldest bean
160CarterMtn2010 copy02
morning play with my littlest bean
mornings alone with the bean
mornings alone with the bean
mornings alone with the bean
mornings alone with the bean
taking flowers any way i can get them
last flowers
and beautifully colored leaves

it means pumpkin bread in the oven, crisp mornings, crock pot meals, early evenings, cool breezes, homemade chicken 'n dumplings,
warm creamy coffee, favorite pair of leggings, leaf collecting, so much to be thankful for, over-sized sweaters & comfy pants,
cozy couch cuddling by the fire, pumpkins & corn mazes, crocheting & quilt making, the rustling of leaves & so much more!

this week's theme for {You Capture}
at I Should Be Folding Laundry
hosted by Beth is {Autumn}
what does Autumn mean to you?

happy thursday! xoxo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Word{Filled} Wednesday: {Pucker Up}

{**WARNING** post may make you nauseous with all the puckering up, but i promise the story & reasoning behind it are well worth hearing!}
over the past year+ i've really been honing my photography skills... since i don't have a plethora of friends or extended family here to practice on & not feeling quite prepared enough yet to be offering my services to anyone, i use my family as practice subjects {best. subjects. ever! promise i'm not being bias, maybe just a little} plus i get to really capture the moments of us at times. {long story shortened} my hubby giggles {not at me} every time i get on a roll with the pictures on our outings {& oh how he doesn't mind, he always lets me know this first} i must really love the kissing images {see why he doesn't mind :} i really have been inclined to not believe him until i started thinking about my Wordless Wednesday for this week & how i wanted to use this top image, as we are all obviously {puckering up}, then that lead into me thinking about his comment{s} so i went on a kissing expedition {if you will} through our apple picking images & i think he is right {shhh don't tell him} but i'll let you see for yourself {oh. my. how they get funnier toward the bottom, expect the last image, my favorite *squeal*} this post's completely dedicated to my hubby, so {Pucker Up Buttercup} cause if you were here right now i'd kiss you :)
love you babes!
261CarterMtn2010 copy04
more WW:
My Wee ViewWordish Wednesday

258CarterMtn2010 copy03
265CarterMtn2010 copy02
273CarterMtn2010 copy02
211CarterMtn2010 copy04

more lovelies:
Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

296CarterMtn2010 copy02

{favorite daddy image ever! we love you daddy}
the beans quite enjoyed the kiss craze!
267CarterMtn2010 copy02
280CarterMtn2010 copy02
295CarterMtn2010 copy02
316CarterMtn2010 copy02

{personal favorite}
297CarterMtn2010 copy02
142CarterMtn2010 copy03
298CarterMtn2010 copy02
407CarterMtn2010 copy02

{definitely floatin' on cloud nine}
201CarterMtn2010 copy02
more cloud9:

{and this is where they start to get a little funny}
i apparently need to learn the art of constructing a better kissy face :)
279CarterMtn2010 copy02
269CarterMtn2010 copy02
257CarterMtn2010 copy02
{above & below images are just too hilarious!}
278CarterMtn2010 copy02

{oh. my. favorite!}
another version here
submitting into black & white wednesday
144CarterMtn2010 copy02

more b&w:
the long road

so there you have it my kissing addiction revealed,
but how can i resist those three sweet faces!
off to catch-up on my commenting
& as always a truly appreciated
thank you for yours :)
happy wednesday! xoxo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ethan, Daddy & The Apple

i have never seen this child gobble up an apple{s} as fast as he did this day! see he has his very own unique way of eating apples...
bite slice, chew on it a bit {like a camel does a piece of cud} & promptly spit out leftover remains {which is usually a big slobbery
sticky mess of mashed up skin & pulp, yuck!} oh, but i am hoping those days are over... maybe it was just the excitement of eating
fresh picked apples in the field or the nostalgia of where they came from for him, because since this day he has been grabbing
apples from the basket & {for the most part} gobbling 'em up still! it makes me quite happy to see... apple mommie! and note
 how that daddy is getting in on the apple eating action there in the end :)

this week's theme for Shutter Love Tuesday
at Trendy Treehouse is {collage}!


i am also submitting this for the Happiness Project, cause well everything about this collage just makes me happy... smiles on their faces & love in their hearts, from a daddy spending time with his boy to the wee bean gobblin' up the apples, oh the apples... apples make me quite happy { apple pie, apple crisp, applesauce & apple slices} they are just downright del{ish} :)

and i am so honored & proud to have found out that i placed first in last week's photo challenge at Trendy Treehouse {a story in pictures}!!!
i want to send out a big thank you thank you thank you to Jamie & Tara for choosing my story of imagery as their number one pick
of the week, so honored ladies!!! and thank you all for the supportive commenting on my images {i love reading each & every sweet,
kind, thoughtful word} it gives me an amazing boost of confidence/creativity
& so truly appreciated!


happy tuesday! xoxo