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Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swift Creek's Amazing Race

Yesterday we participated in the Amazing Race (well our version anyway, a scavenger hunt of sorts) with our care group from church.
As even our host, Kristin, will tell you, we were a little hesitant as to how all 20 clues/challenges were going to get finished in the
one hour time frame we had! But it turned out beautifully, full of excitement & adventure at every turn, though I probably did encourage
the hubby to drive through some parking lots with a little more lead in his foot than usual :)

Game Rules:
1) Your family must stay in the same vehicle
2) Take a picture of each of your stops with a SD card (camera) or your mobile phone
3) A person from your family or the entire family must be present in each of the pictures
4) Work up your appetite & join in on the fellowship @ noon at Sergio's
5) Most qualifying pictures win the family prize

The author of Revelation + We have lift off                                I Scream, you scream, we all scream for pink & green
Nothing beats a group hug - take a family pic in front of a location of your choice that starts with the first letter of your family name!
Have a dog of a time - have the whole team stack up in a dog pile at a location of your choice
(i promise Orion is under there, see his arm & feet :)
The super bowl is almost here - let's see Dad do his favorite football pose
On the Ark was all gathered - three different kinds of animals (we only got two & both were birds, oooops)
Channel your inner mega fan & take a pic with team gear on (Dick's provided to be fruitful for us :)
Courageous they are to protect & serve: they'll pull you over if you swerve. Find one of me & take a pic with someone in your team!
(Orion was terrified & the four troopers were quite the troopers about it :)
Where have all the state troopers gone? Not at the Dunkin' & Donut's but at Arby's!!!!!
All hands in & stacked on the Word
I rock but don't roll; I creak but am not scary. Sit on me while you wait for your name to be called for dinner at the Saltine Bucket.... Cracker Barrel!
Show your spirit in front of a school sign doing your best cheer moves (glad those 6 years of cheerleading really paid off :)
Twinkle Twinkle dollar bill; warm my tummy if you will. Take a pic with my logo!
Flex the peck's or downward dog in front of the red, white, & blue center of sweat!
"Oh what a feeling!" Find a Toyota & get a pic doing the "oh what a feeling" Toyota jump with it!
Bull's Eye - Target
Bob the Builder uses these - to make a road between the trees!
Twinkle Toes, show your pose. Mom's pose in front of a studio that teaches you to groove!
The wheels on me go round & round - pose in front of the big cheese & say cheese!
Lunch & fellowship after the amazing race!!!
Congrats to the Butler Family for finishing first & fulling completing the list :)
And a BIG thank you to Kristin & Mike for putting on such an "amazing" care group event!
It was such a blast, great time spent with family & an awesome time getting to know
each of these families all that much more!!!!!
The two clues we missed were:
1) I am usually made of wood that floats & I can hold your boat. Take a pic standing on me... a dock!
2) Spread the love of fellowship; take a pic with someone from our church who is NOT in our care group.
This truly was such a blessed time & fun event with Daddy as the navigator/built in decoder,
with quite a bit of help from our oldest bean in that depart & he so graciously volunteered to be in most of the pictures for our team.
And the littlest bean as our fully energized cheering squad with Mommy doing what she does best...
snapping away, it really was a family affair we will not soon forget :)

Many Blessings! xoxoxo

Saturday, January 21, 2012

GG's Christmas Box

thank you soooo much for thoughtful Christmas box, GG & Grandpa :)
we miss & love you both very much!!! ♥xoxoxoxo♥