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Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas Story

Oh to wake Christmas morning in your own home is a wonderful feeling! The sound of a child rummaging through an over filled stocking brought such a smile to mine & my husband's face! Our morning started out with stocking fun and breakfast, which included all the essentials: candy canes, cookies, chocolate, & coffee (and some oatmeal)! Oh Christmas you are my favorite of all holidays!

Ethan received a train table!!! Funny story that table... where I purchased it from gave us a Thomas Table, instead of the Imaginarium Train Table. Ooops! This was not discovered until my hubby went to put it together Christmas Eve, too late then! It's a little larger than I wanted in the house, but Ethan loves it! He could have sat up there all day! He also received lots of bath toys, 2 pull behind dogs, extra train track, play food (which he loves!), & his Grandmother is making him a blanket with tons of appliqued tree frogs!

The perk to this table is one side has built in tracks that his new electric trains can run on! No assembly required! Thanks Nana & Grampy:) We missed being with you both this Christmas! Love you!

Only down side to these trains... he for 
some reason loves putting 'em in his hair!!!
Moving wheels + Long Hair = Screaming Child
He can take it though! Look at the monstrosity of a trash mound
there to the left! That will break his fall, right?
Ethan proudly held this up to Ken & me and said, "Sign!"
He was right and neither one of us taught him that.

Orion received a camera from his Nana and Grampy!! He sends you a big THANK YOU!!! He literally was so photo happy that he wore the batteries down before we ever got to Grandmother's that afternoon. He has found that he really likes the video feature.

Here is a photo of Ken & I that he took.
Some of his other gifts included a True Heroes set, binoculars and compass, Ky'nex, and a microscope from Ken & I. They have already examined a leaf, O.J., snow, and my hair! And a brand new tin of Pokemon cards, that he immediately opened first!

After all this excitement we had a biscuit break! Yum!
Finished up some homemade ornaments... gotta love toilet paper roll crafts!!!

Orion made us an ornament at school... too sweet!
Ken & I waited to open our "big" presents together, after we ate biscuits. Ken got some new PJ's, a sweater, new boots, flashlights and finally I purchased him a GPS! I am hoping that the days of maps are few and far between in our future! Funny story to come about the GPS:)
My excitement was slightly high (but still not wanting to hope too much) as I pulled the wrapping paper... rip, rip ,rip! And there it was, staring me in the face my own brand new Nikon D3000! I was speechless for about 20 seconds, when I finally looked at my husband, tears in my eyes, only thing I could softly whisper was, "We can't afford this..."! The look on his face said it all... For you babes, anything!:) I immediately started crying and hugged him for the next minute plus with video running, it was a great moment to capture on film. And one I will not soon forget! Thank you baby,  I love you!

First photo I took with my new camera!! Love you guys!
Thank You Baby!

Also received a new red pot and bowls... too cute! My mommy sent me some toe socks, she knows how much I love'em! Ken's mother purchased me an umbrella stand to add lighting to subjects.And after Christmas Ken brought me home a Nikon D3000 manuel! YAY!!
After all of our at home excitement we packed up and headed over to Grandmother's for some table tennis and yummy turkey dinner! Thank you so much Grandmother and Grandpa for all our gifts and the wonderful dinner you both made us!
~Table Tennis~

~Christmas Shenanigans~

Homemade Ornaments 2009

Daddy received new boots!

Merry Christmas!
Once back at home and children in bed we decide to play with our new toys! Well remember how I told you there was a funny story to come about the GPS? As I am playing with camera settings, Kenny is programming his GPS, well let me tell you when Richard (the voice he has chosen to guide his way) came on to welcome him, he jumped about 10 feet out of his own skin... it was quite funny!

Perfect ending to the perfect day!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Morning Plop!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Joy & Luminary Lights

Our Christmas Eve morning started out lazy, it was filled with candy canes and cookies! Why not!?! It then got very busy, as we made apple bars, gingerbread cookies, chocolate covered pretzels & strawberries with mini brownies, to take to Grandmother & Grandpa's, yummmmmmy!!!

That evening we went over to Grandmother and Grandpa's house for a wonderful dinner of stuffed shells and luminaries. This was Orion's first year to actually light the candles himself! Ethan helped out by helping Grandpa put the candles in the bag. He also took it upon himself to happily come behind Grandpa and Orion and snub the candles out with his finger! Live and learn, right? We later found wax residue on his finger and thumb:) Sorry for all the blurry shots... it was quite dark when we started.

We also decorated our gingerbread cookies for Santa to enjoy later that evening!

Ethan enjoyed a pre-dinner mini brownie... yum yum!
~Evening Antics~

When we returned home, once Ethan was in bed, Ken and Orion put together his train table.

~My Elves~

Orion placed his Christmas Wish List, a picture he colored for the elves (for Santa to take back), and his own personal letter to Santa asking how Mrs. Clause & Rudolph were and to please sign in the box before he left, which he did! Santa also filled our stockings to the brim and ate most of the gingerbread cookies we left for him!

~Christmas Eve~
We hope your Christmas Eve was filled with just as many memorable moments as ours!