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for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Friday, December 5, 2008

So behind...

I'd better catch up! So at the beginning of November Ken, Me, Orion, Ethan, and our friend/neighbor Luther went to Ashland's 6Th Annual Train Day. There were not too many activities for children Orion's age but we were able to soak in the model trains and even allowed to operate them:) Orion received a train ticket and purchased a really cool metal jet from the train store. Go figure you thought he would have left with a train?

Ethan was a trooper the whole way. The only time he did fuss was b/c of the Tropicana train that went right in front of us (Me, Luther, and Ethan) while Ken and Orion were in the train store. My Boo is not that fond of loud, scary noises! He did however fight falling asleep for as long as he could though. It shows as the pictures progress:)
So happy!
His sleepy/grumpy look
Oh no! Here comes the train!Yummy Tropicana:)

He really did not like it:(
Poor boy... it is crazy that he now has almost two more teeth than in this picture.

There was a beautiful Bed and Breakfast, an Ice Cream Parlor, Train Town Toy and Hobby, and lots of other little quaint shops.

Luther had great fun returning to his childhood at the sight of the model train sets. It was nice to hear stories from when he was younger.

Orion was able to race his own hand picked engine and ... it was a winner! He was so excited to have chosen the fastest one! There was also a 13 year old boy who built a train town out of Lego's... completely! Orion fell in love with one and immediately started asking for his own set to build. I am glad for his eagerness in wanting to build but MORE Lego's is the last thing I need around the house right now. I am always scanning the floor for choking hazards now a days:)

All and all it was a great family fall day and we will attend again next year:) PS - The weather was beautiful.
This shoot is to show the true nature of taking a family photo! That it never usually comes out right the first time:) But I will always be able to remember how silly Orion is.