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Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nana'ed with Care

Not only do we get packages from the sunny state but they are also blown in from the mountains of Tennessee :)
My mother (the beans Nana) is the greatest at sending the boys her & Grampy's love in festively decorated boxes with perfectly
wrapped presents inside. Whether it is Christmas, their birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Easter she lets them know they are
not forgotten & are extremely missed! And we too feel the same way though we are NO where near as awesome at it as our Nana is!!!!
So thank you Nana we ALL truly appreciate the little & BIG boxes of love you send ♥
Well on this particular day it was dramatically a bit windy... the UPS man flew in & left us this amazing box, that the littlest bean
immediately knew was for him {cause you know when you're three your birthday resonates with you for weeks :} so with it
only being a few days after his birthday {he knew}! "Open Mommie, PLEASE, open!" So inside I flew, grabbed up the scissors & camera,
looking back now it would have been really smart to have grabbed a bag for all that wrapping paper on such a windy day!
He could not get his gifts open fast enough, more excited with each opening, frantically throwing tiny paper bits into the swirling wind
{see this is where the bag would have come in handy, just imagine me frantically swirling right along with that wrapping paper trying
to scoop it up before it blew all over the neighborhood, plus all the while still trying to capture the ripping & swirling paper fun!}
He just loves this car & the fact that Batman drives a monster truck, well that's what we are calling it :)
Nana!!! Charlie the Train really was the biggest hit!
He's even slightly upset in the picture because I was taking too
long getting shots of him, instead of opening the packaging for him!
And once it was opened...
he was off & chug-chug chooing with Charlie!!!
Thank you so much Nana & Grampy!
Each gift is being thoroughly cherished with everyday play
& many giggles to go with it :) We miss & LOVE you both!!!

With Love~
Ethan xoxoxoxo

Flying Flamingos!

All the way from Florida!!! Thank you so much for the precious & thoughtful gift Grandmother!
Ethan just loved the book...Group01
but was quite in awe of the beautiful fabric his gift was wrapped in.
so much so that he decided to make those flamingos fly with his bike :)
Cheese & Thank you so much Grandmother, I love it!
A birthday boy, his bike, & flock of flying flamingos!
He just loved being able to turn the pages &
hear your voice reading him the cute little story.
"I love you when you are quiet & I love you when you are LOUD!"
Has to be his favorite line in the book makes him giggle every time :)
Yay! to flying flamingos & books read by Grandmother even though she's a few states away
but soon to home from her sunny weather vacation.
Bunches of thanks! We miss & love you Grandmother, come home soon!

With Love
Ethan xoxo