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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Monday, November 10, 2008

So Many Firsts!

So many firsts, so I had better catch you up. Ethan has been growing in leaps and bounds! So finally his fine motor skills are catching up:) Since the end of October he has developed tremendously... on Oct. 22 he used his index and thumb to pick up small bits of food, on the 23rd as you have already heard he said "Mama", the last week of October he started getting up on his hands and knees, but not actually crawling yet.

Since the beginning of Nov. I have been feeding him exactly what we eat and he is loving it:) This night he had spaghetti and what a mess that was! Thank goodness I had put newspaper under him or it could have been worse. Had to wash the highchair cover afterwards, straps and all:) My tub had a leftover sauce ring after I finally got him clean so... I got to clean the tub that night too. But it was all worth it to see him so proud of himself.

On Nov. 3rd Ethan started saying "Dada"! Ken was so excited when Ethan said it for him:)

On Nov. 4th his 2nd tooth came in (front bottom left), hard to see in this picture, but it is there.

on Nov. 7th he crawled on all fours, of course he was going after Orion's pen and paper... something he can't even have! In this picture he is holding a solid plastic action figure that came from a Happy Meal of Orion's... and Ethan has taken claim of it. We are not sure why exactly but he loves it. I think it has to do with the fact that it really IS one of Orion's toys and he can play with it. He is showing signs of wanting to be like Orion already. Orion loves the fact that Ethan now talks, well a little, and is crawling which means he can chase after Orion! Even if only at a turtles pace, Orion still loves it and so does Ethan.

Each day he is showing more and more of his personality, from his cute flirty grin to an impatient attitude sometimes. He is a grinner who loves for you to just sit in the floor for hours playing with HIM, no need to go do laundry or cook dinner Mom stay and play with me. He makes the cutest piggy face and blows in and out his nose while trying to smile and laugh all at the same time, it is too cute. I'm trying to soak it all up because it seems to be happening all too fast.

Well now you're all caught up... but much more to follow:)



Has come and gone and Thanksgiving is fast approaching! So I figured I'd better get my Halloween post done before then. So Halloween was a blast for Orion! He loved his Pikachu costume that I was able to make for him. He went with his Daddy and a friend from down the street and his Daddy. Orion's cousin Connor came a little later and caught up with them for some last minute trick or treating:) He came home with an enormous candy stash that we are still trying to get rid of!
Ethan had a great afternoon of wearing his owl costume I made for him. He was unable to make it to trick or treat time. His bed time is around 6:30 or 7pm. So he didn't get to hand out candy with me either but that was okay. I really think is going to love pretend play because he could not get enough of him self in the mirror with the costume. And I have to mention that this costume was made especially for my father who affectionately calls Ethan "Hoot Hoot" because of his big eyes:) He thinks he looks like an owl.

He even ate dinner in his costume, but you can tell he is getting sleepy:)
Here they are together right before Orion left to go out trick or treating. They love each other sooo much! All day I had been trying to get that smiling shot of Ethan and all it took was a little bit of that Big Brother charm:)
My Happy Halloween apron I was able to finish that morning! But I made it reversible so I could get more use out of it:) I did enjoy wearing it all day and then handing out candy in it. Received many compliments. Hope everyone else had as happy a Halloween as we did:)