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for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toddler Tales: Bean Bo!!

The last week or so Ethan has been completely fascinated with rainbow's, happily pronounced by him as a "bean-bo"! I have three prisms* hung in our kitchen bay window, which gets the most exquisite morning sun, great for drinking morning coffee. Two of the three have been down for a while, well they really got pulled down by little fingers:) So the other day while I was restringing my floating balls with new fishing line I decided to hang the prisms up again. And rainbows spotted the floor, for Ethan's viewing pleasure:)

Needless to say we have become professional "bean-bo" spotters and catchers.

Any time he sees colors all lined up together he shouts, "Bean-Bo!" and points. Sometimes I even think, he thinks, I control the rainbows. In the mornings while getting Orion ready for school he will sometimes stand in the kitchen pointing at the ceiling repeatedly shouting, "Bean-Bo! Bean-Bo! Bean-Bo!" and look at me. To which I reply, " No, Bear. No rainbows, the sun is not out yet. We need the sun to make rainbows." To this he just looks at me and continues to shout, " Bean-Bo!" Sweet boy.

How I do enjoy our daily rainbow hunts around the kitchen.

Playing in his room.

Orion is no longer a toddler, but his Daddy was reminded of an infamous "Orion Toddler Moment" at the store the other day while buying fruit cocktail. It was around Easter time one year and we had been reading, "Peter Cottontail" to Orion at bed time. Well one day after we'd all gotten home from work and daycare, Orion happily comes into the kitchen and says, "I want some 'Fruit-n-Cottontail', it was hilarious! Believe it or not, but for a long time after that we could not get him to call it anything else. Precious moments I hope to never soon forget.

He is always so helpful with Ethan, not always patient:), but helpful.

They simply are my heart.

`On A More Me Note`
You may have noticed that my watermark has changed to 'Modern Depth'. I received some, much needed, constructive criticism yesterday & after some thought, have decided to try a new look. Thinking about giving the blog a more minimal face-lift too.
Crucial points, what am I trying to convey in my name and my photos? Want to put a spin on my photography, more 'Modern' images. Definitely not just puppies, hearts, & babies. I'm trying to grow from my experiences here lately, expand on the subjects I photograph. Show more of a cutting edge & dramatic side.
Photography has become my internal "field of Depth",  my inner focus , all else is blurred to the background (obviously not my family, they are my sole soul focus & my only best subjects:). I love having a camera in my hand, the mechanics & challenge of getting that perfect shot. But I also want you to feel something when looking at one of my photos. Not just because it's a baby or has pretty colors, but because in that photo you can see the message I'm trying to send across. The 'Depth' at which a picture IS "worth a thousand words" but in that same breath can leave you speechless. I love other people's work, an other's vision can spark so much creativity. I am constantly looking and trying to learn new techniques & angles, more about lighting & placement, more about my camera & new accessories, as much as I can soak up, to further my "field of Depth"... 'Modern Depth'
Another great point was to NOT put the watermark ALL the way across the photo, as it really distracts from the picture itself. That should be reserved for later use on proofs. So watermark, time for you to take a backseat, but you're still an ever present work in progress, notice in each photo the watermark has a different type of font. There you have it folks, but by. no. means. am. I. claiming. to be any type of professional photographer, but I will get myself there one day. For now I am just a WIP, enjoying the joy of creating beautiful images, daily. A focus I desperately need, a personal goal to work toward. A renewed feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, and confidence in myself. Thanks for listening and please let me know what you think!

 And to my one constructive critic, my bestie Kelly, thank you for the new point of view, I love you even more for it! PS~ Crossing my fingers that she' s going to be posting some awesome bread recipes over on her blog real soon, hint hint, my tummy is growling!

**Note** The first prism I ever received was from my husband on our wedding day, with a little note written in the lid, "This is my heart shining for you. I love you, Kenneth". That one has always remained in the center window. He gave me the other two over the years.


Jen said...

love your pictures, and I think you blog is very pretty too :)

kellog said...

um Modern Depth, with the new font, perfect. i love it. much less puppies, kisses and ice cream. i love you. bread recipes on their way!!!

kellog said...

i figured out how to embed signatures....i will call tomorrow and tell all!