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for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas IS After Thanksgiving!

Year after year I've watched Christmas wipe Thanksgiving out of existence. So this year I made a "family holiday oath"... our Christmas starts after Thanksgiving. In my mother's house we always, always put the tree up after Thanksgiving. Never a day before, but maybe a day or two after:) My point being our tree and decorations will stay in their happy holiday boxes until Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, we need to remember that we have much to be thankful for, slow down, stop the rush, make lasting memories. Merriment has it's long moment, let's give thanks for a second or two.
With that said... it is December 1st today! And our house is starting to look "in the Christmas Spirit", as my hubby would say. We arrived back home after the Thanksgiving holiday (post to come) on Sunday, exhausted! Kenneth had already taken Monday off work:) When our eyes opened yesterday morning, all bets were off... we were playing hooky that day... all of us. We ended up not sending Orion to school, we instead went out and purchased our Christmas tree, along with a few other holiday items!
When we arrived home Christmas lights, trimmed tree limbs, and garland started flying! So much so that a few bulbs broke and some fuses blew along the way. The tree topper though, was when it started raining while we were decorating the large spruce out front! All and all though Ken and I had a great time getting into the holiday spirit and laughing, mainly him at me and my need to completely control the whole situation. He is a very understanding man.
We love the stars!
For years I have wanted fresh wreaths, but they are so expensive I talk myself out of it every year. Inspired by another project I will be tackling later today, I went into full on fresh wreath making mode.
Project to come... can you guess?
I got 3 wire hangers (same size), cut the hook off, shaped 'em into circles, wrapped ends around to connect circle. Then I had a box of $0.99 GREEN wire ornament hangers (which I'll never use) and started to shape the trimmings from the Christmas tree, I also wired 2 pine cones and a poinsettia to each wreath. Trimming the wreath is a must to give it shape.
They turned out great and add such a touch to the front of the house. Our tree purchase was $30 and from that we also got 3 fresh holiday wreaths and a door hanger or mantle holiday piece, have not decided where to put it yet. So don't throw away those trimmings, turn 'em into holiday cheer! The tree has been settling over night and will be getting decorated tonight, so check back tomorrow to see:)
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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