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Friday, November 20, 2009

Toddler Tales... Play dates for Lil' Turkeys

For the past two weeks on Mondays & Wednesdays, Ethan and I have been hosting play dates with Luke. It has been glorious fun for both of the boys. Ethan gets bored of just his mommy play time while Orion is at school, and Luke has two older siblings that are home schooled and Jillian also has a 7wk old to tend to. So it works out great for everyone! We have decided it will be a staple for Wednesdays and Mondays are more of a play it by ear, depending on if the two older children have Co-op.

Our first Monday play date consisted of
beautiful fall weather for much outside play.
When the older kids finished they came down and joined
us for a snack on the front porch. It was very surreal to me...
handling four hungry, hungry children at once, two of whom
could not operate juice boxes on their own:)

Our first Wednesday play date was
rainy rainy rainy due to Hurricane Ida.
So YAY for crayons and happy inside play.
Although I will say, was very surprised by
Ethan's reluctance to share his toys at first.
He went after everything Luke touched
like he had never seen the toy before.

We also started these guys...
Can you guess what we made?

Older kids had Co-op the next Monday, so Wednesday
we enjoyed some morning outside play. Then came in for
some coloring and a snack, while I finished up the craft we started last week.

Morning Play Favorite Moments
>Luke being such a trooper about sharing Ethan's Lightening McQueen
>How Luke hugged Ethan's Lightening McQueen Pillow
and shouted "McQwen! McQwen!"
>How they get to giggling together:)
>How Luke called me "Christmas", instead of Christine,
when he needed something. This may explain my
Wordless Wednesday from this week.
>How Ethan was so impressed by Luke's equal to,
if not a tad squealier squeal. For a few moments it was a
competition back and forth until... Ethan stopped
and exclaimed, " WOW! WOW!" at Luke's squealing abilities.
And they continued to squeal happily together:)
By far the best moment!

Best Buds in the Making!

So on to the craft... did you figure it out yet?
We made Turkey Rolls:)
Sorry so many photos but they were so cute I couldn't resist!
~Ethan's Turkey Roll~
~Luke's Turkey Roll~

Saw this concept used online for another animal
(can't remember what now) and thought it would be great for a turkey.
Little more 3 dimensional than a paper plate.

We're having so much fun and are really looking forward to more play dates!
Check back to see what else these two lil' turkeys are up to!

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