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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We're Stewing...

HAPPY! Cause on Nov. 7th we attend The Annual 17th Street Brunswick Stew Fest... YUUUMMMMMYYYY!!!! I love this festival, probably my favorite!

The story goes like this...Orion had a soccer game at 10am, we thought perfect, we'll leave directly after and be there right after the festival starts, which was 11am. Running late to game, as we usually are! I told Ken not to worry about putting Ethan's shoes on, I'd grab 'em on my way to the car.
Usually I'm on point, usually I've got my wits about me... on this particular morning I did not:( So there we are driving down Newby's Bridge Rd. almost to Walmsly... I catch a glimpse of Ethan's feet out of the corner of my eye... No shoes! Oh no! I look at Ken, "Did you grab Ethan's shoes?". Ken looks at me a little dumbfounded, gives the car a quick look around, then looks back and says, " No, you said you'd grab 'em."
Just imagine total silence, like you'd hear a pin drop kind of silence, for the next several moments. Then I look at him and say, "If I could yell at myself I would, but I can't." We chuckle, cause we both know good and well if he'd been the one who forgot 'em he'd be getting fussed at up one side and down the other.
My punishment... had to drive all the way back, with Ethan in toe, ya know cause he has no shoes! Mind you, he is anxiously wanting to run and play at this point. Took an hour, by the time I got back I was picking them up right where I'd dropped them off. Too boot, it ended up being Orion's last official game. The last scheduled was cancelled due to all the rain we received from Ida! So shame on me, but a lesson in patience learned by me.

On the bright side, Ethan did catch a little nap on the way back to the game. I attribute his lasting so long at the festival to that. We arrived a little after 11, the music was wonderful, the stew was great, there was Legend's on tap, and deep-fried Oreos!

There were Hula Hooper's!

Orion was able to sit inside this cool car... he loved it!

We did have company join us, Grandmother, Grandpa,
Aunt Rachael, and Connor met us down there.

Connor had his face painted!

~Jump, Connor, Jump~

A festival would not be complete without a petting zoo!
And a few shots of Ethan trying to pick the animals noses...
AGAIN! He is too much sometimes:)


Orion helped put the animals away.

Ethan takes a lick-in' but keeps on tick-in'!
Somehow in all the running and playing that day, Ethan managed to suffer a black eye!
Left- Day it happened... Right- Sporting it the next morning
He is so incredibly tough!

It was an all day affair... we did not leave until almost 4pm. So worth it!

Funny Side Note: A panic occurred when got home to find that Giraffe-E was missing (that is Ethan's paci basically). We searched high and low for that thing. Ken checked the car twice, I was opening and closing every door and drawer several times over! Then the panic started to set in that maybe just maybe it was lost down town... didn't want to have to go back for it but I would! One last attempt... we got a flash light and headed into the yard, he did run around for a minute while we got everything out of the car. And there he was lying in the wet grass, it was like Christmas morning for us all!

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