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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Apple Doesn't Fall...

Far from the tree!
(Also my Wordless Wednesday, even though many words follow:)

So this post has been a long time coming. It seems one thing or another has taken presence over it, but finally it is here!!!

On October 25th, we took our much awaited annual trip to Carter Mtn. Orchard for some apple pickin' fun! It was late in the season due to the weather... lots of rain. The morning started out great sunny sunshine, family breakfast, packing on schedule, and then came the bump! A loud cry from the back porch... Ethan had fallen and busted his face on the wood. Oy Vey! It was a gusher, there was blood everywhere. Mommy Care Mode kicked in and within 20 minutes we had the situation under control and were on the road. Needless to say Ethan had a great nap in the car. And was a trooper the entire day, busted lip and all.

Poor Ethan!

Oh the colors of the changing leaves and rolling hills on our
peaceful drive were a grand sight. Made me so homesick!

May become our annual time now. We thought the crowds would be smaller, due to the fact that it was not during the apple festival weekend, we were wrong! The place was packed and the apples were slinging!

My guys were oh so patient with my picture taking process throughout this trip and I'm very grateful because we got some great family shots and lasting memories:)

Ken thought this was the greatest!
Ethan ran and ran and ran:)

Goldfish are always a great distraction!

LOVE these shots and how silly we can be...
notice small child top left... he loves those goldfish:)

Favorite Individual Shots

~The Guys~

There were hot dogs, apple slushies,
and apple donuts to be enjoyed!

Sharing his apple donut!

Apple donut for the road:)

~The Couple~

~Orion & Me~

~The Family~

We had a wonderful time and can't wait to head back!!! I have several new apple recipes that have been utilized from the large bag that we brought back with us. From apple butter to apple bars, pies, breakfasts, muffins and more, the apple is wonderful to cook with and I'm really looking forward to next years pickin'!

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Jillian said...

My my, gal, you did have a bloggin' extravaganza tonight! I simply love your pictures from Carter's Mountain. That is such a wonderful place to make memories and you do such a remarkable job capturing them on camera. Thanks again for being such blessing to me especially lately with the meals and for letting Luke come and play. Your calzone was super delicious tonight. That's another recipe I"ll be needing...my family LOVED it!