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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A-tisket, A-tasket... The Myers Baby Basket!

The "Wee Three" is now a "Quaint Quartet"

Ten Little Toes
One Little Nose
A wish full filled,
A dream come true...
to all of you!

Jillian & Jason welcomed their newest little one into the world last Wednesday:) In celebration I made them a few things to say welcome home!
~The Basket~
Forgot baby's blanket in this one... boo:(
~Box of Booties~
Made out of 3 pieces scrapbook paper
1 ~ Lid, 2 ~ Box (Outer & Lining)
Ribbon looped through sides & tied to hold lid on

Scrapbook embellishments stamped
w/ her name & stamped lid
~The Booties~
Hand-crocheted pink booties
~Sweet hearts~

~The Siblings~
Wanted to include something for the other kiddos as well, made Andrew a wizard/super hero cape, Lilly a baby sling for her panda or baby doll... just like her mommie, and Luke, who is very into Cars right now, a Mater/McQueen blanket.


~Blanket for Baby~
In love w/ these fabrics...
seemed appropriate for autumn!:)
Jillian made all of the bedding for Lydia's
crib, it is beautiful and pink:)
Machine Quilted Squares
Duckie Backing
Rainbow Binding

Myers 6!

Hope this doesn't seem over the top... I was giddy with delight to be making all the girly pink gifts:) I love my boys, but life's not all dirt, bugs, and trucks!

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