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Monday, October 6, 2008

Carter Mountain Apple Orchard '08

Last year we were fortunate enough to get invited along to this beautiful orchard and this year we decided to take another trip. Big difference this year was that there was no drought and there were apples a plenty! More on the ground wasted then there were in the trees last year to pick.

Carter Mtn. Trip Oct. 2007
So our fun-filled day started with a picnic right in front of the Granny Smith patch! Which of course lead to the question of whether or not Mommy would make an apple pie from the ones we picked. Of course I did:) Ethan wanted a lunch that consisted of grass... yuck! But it surely was cute.

After finishing our Granny Smith picking we headed off to the Red Delicious patch. There were so many apples that the branches were bending. I felt like I hardly saw Orion because he was so busy running from tree to tree and climbing up to reach the highest apple he could get.

Ethan enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the on coming fall season. He did so well and managed to stay awake the whole time. He loved being up in the apple trees themselves:)

Mommy and Daddy had a wonderful time as well.
It was great to see the kids get out and enjoy nature!

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