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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Amigurumi Animals

That's pronounced am-me-goo-roomie... crocheting little animal toys. I have fallen in love with it:) My hands are definitely feeling it though. Many cramps in them and my fingers since I started. But I have learned to relax a little more and not hold my fingers so tight. They are the cutest little things and not to hard to crochet one up really quick! This all started because I wanted to make a birthday present for someone. Tried of making the same old hats and scarfs I decided to challenge myself. I sure am glad I did.

The first one I made was a jellyfish (go here for pattern)... SO SO SO CUTE!

The second was a Bunny Rabbit (go here for pattern)... love the tail!!!

The third I made was a pink elephant (go here for pattern)... I affectionately named her Rose:)

And of course Orion requested one as well. He choose a dog from the book I just bought called Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet... seriously cute:)

Which gave us the great idea of making the doggie a house. It includes two tier shelving, computer, table and chairs, as well as a hammock bed. Well let me give you a little advice... don't build the house until dog is finished! He is seriously too big for it! HA!HA!HA! It is funny:)

There will be more to come!

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