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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

two month milestones

my how these two months have hurried on by! but oh how this mama of three has soaked up every moment. you've already celebrated your first Thanksgiving at Grandmother's, your first road trip from VA to TN for Christmas at your Nana & Grampy's house, also the first time you'd met them! now here you are starting a New Year 2013 & you are growing in tremendous leaps & bounds, well that's the way it seems to me... if i had my way you'd stay newborn small for just a few more moments longer. you have already graduated from sleeping in the bassinet to sleeping in the pack 'n play at the foot of our bed (hopefully you'll be in your crib in the next couple of weeks). you love love love nursing & you are a sleepy eater & you have this way of smiling in your sleep that's just oh so sweet! you hate all things plastic in your mouth. i've finally gotten you a little used to the paci, though i'm pretty sure you'd rather suck your thumb. you haven't been all that interested in a bottle, we will be working on that this month. you are well on your way to outgrowing 3month clothing, i've already boxed up all newborn & 0-3month clothing, please slow down. 
 you have been holding your head up since birth & are trying desperately to figure out how those hands & feet of yours work. i'm thinking that you realize you have two older brothers to keep up with & you'd better get to movin' & a growin' fast! speaking of brothers oh.my.how.yours.just.adore.you! ethan can't wait until your bigger so he can play with you & orion just loves sitting & letting you coo & ooh at him. i have a nickname for you... i call you, aidies (pronounced eighties). you are my little spider monkey, always hanging on me. your daddy is quite smitten with you also, the two of you already have such a special connection. you are quickly learning that daddy is for cuddling, he has a way of getting you to sleep so mommy can get just a few more minutes (sometimes hours) sleep. oh how we love that daddy aka baby whisperer.
you have the sweetest smile that has slowly revealed itself & now you have this shy little way of smiling, turning your head to the side & looking away... melts.my.heart.everytime! you are on the verge of baby giggles & you have the cutest button nose with the shiniest eyes i have ever seen & ahem, they ARE brown, if i do say so myself! 
you have been the easiest baby by far & we are all really excited to have you here, helping to grow this family & we are all looking forward to watching you grow 
& seeing your sweet little personality come to life day by day.
Happy Two Months Baby Aiden!
We Love You!

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