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for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Monday, February 21, 2011

Connect the Dots...

la la la...

can you guess what has been keeping me busy?


that's right my littlest bean just turned three
cake creating & party crafting have been at the forefront of my to do list


aeroplane garland, such a fun, functional & easy party decoration
{not to mention you can cut them down at the end of party & hand out as favors}
tutorial can be found at Michelle Made Me, she has the best ideas for paper crafts


when i was hurriedly shoving things in nooks & crannies cleaning up my sewing studio that morning i found a stack
of old/new images that brought my hurried swirl to a stand still, it's amazing how quickly three years
{plus 9 months} can fly by in the blink of an eye...

from labor to birth, chunky thighs & baby bubbles, first smiles & steps, sleepless nights & boo-boo's mended,
from coo's to chug-chug choo-choo's, first haircuts & bike rides, from here to there & running around everywhere
{cause you know he does :} it's been an amazing journey watching as little-by-little his spark-filled personality reveals itself
& am quite grateful that i've at least fifteen years {plus} to watch him grow into the man he's going to become & is meant to be!

after flipping through the years of his life in images i thought it would be nice to use mini clothespins to hang the images between the
aeroplanes & it turned out to be a wonderful addition to the garland & a nice quiet surreal moment for a mommie who feels
that life just moves all too fast sometimes:)


it's amazing what a printed number three coloring page, some heat-n-bond plus fabric & patient stitching can yield :)
love making birthday shirts as much as i love purchasing the birthday number candle! Blow out the candle!


this was taken on Sunday {day before his birthday}, after church we had our dear dear friends, The Myers, over for lunch
& a bit of cake to celebrate! Ethan soaked up every Happy Birthday to you, enjoyed frosting scrapped straight from the cake
& promptly licked clean from his finger & yes this was before i could even get the candle lit :)
more to come on that in a bit though! can you guess what his cake was?

more sweet shots:
Sweet Shot Day

{my little growing bean}

{there's nothing quite like daddy kisses, is there?}

more happiness:

{and a lot of mommie's sweeet sweet hugs & love}

we love you from here to there...
because you DO run around everywhere!
we love you just for being you
& all the extra sparks
you've brought into our hearts ♥

Happy Birthday to you sweet boy!

588Ethan's3rdBDay11 copy
{photo taken by my oldest bean, **ahem** can i just take a moment to say how FANTASTIC it is, brought an instant smile to my lips, slightly edited by me}

Happy Birthday Little Bean
& Much Love ♥
Mommie & Daddy xoxo


Susan said...

Oh what a precious little boy. Wonderful shots.

Lucy said...

Too cute! The photo of him blowing out the candle is priceless! Happy Birthday little one!

Erika B said...

Beautiful shots of your handsome birthday boy. They do grow up too fast!!!! Beautiful decorations too.

Erika B

Naomi said...

Happy birthday to your little boy! Love your creativity with the decor and I love the shirt!! The last shot is so sweet.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

What a special time! Love that last shot- really touching

leigh said...

This was such a sweet post. It warms my heart.

Casey said...

Those are beautiful pictures! :) great ideas for birthday parties! so cute! :) I love the colors, and his shirt. very creative!

Corrisande said...

These shirts are just the cutest idea ever! Lovely photos generally, as well :)

Cyn said...

Lovely -- the shot of your adorable son blowing out his birthday candles is just precious!

Michele Pacey said...


Wow, what lovely photos of a great party! The airplane garland really worked didn't it, especially with your addition of the photos in it. Such a great idea, I love it! So glad I was able to help in my small way :)

That last pic of you three (so lovely), and the Daddy kisses one are such special moments... You have a very beautiful little family!

Thanks for letting me know about your use of the garland. Would you mind if I featured it on my blog sometime soon? I would link back to your blog and to this post of course.

Do let me know what you think!



Qoopka said...

happy birthday!!! so cute ideas for party :) i'm starting colleting ideas for my daughter birthday soon it's in april she is turning 2 ...I like your family photos so much you look so natural big kiss!

melissa said...

Happy Birthday to your little man!! Cute photos of a fun birthday!

Also, I wanted to tell you that (since you are a follower of mine; was Love & Life now champagne wishes.) I have had some issues with my new blog set up, tried to create a new one under the same account with similar issues so I have created a new account under a new e-mail address & I wanted to make sure I tell all of my followers so if you follow me at http://melissa-champagnewishes.blogspot.com that would be so greatly appreciated! I will (when I get to it) unfollow you from my old account which I won't use anymore and re-follow you with my new one(this one)! Thanks again! Have a great week! xo melissa

Jen said...

happy birthday :))

Michele Pacey said...

i featured this project Christine! thanks so much for letting me!