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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday: Em{brace}ing It!

482CarterMtn2010 copy
over the past two months that's what my oldest bean has been doing... {embracing it}
see right before Thanksgiving {yeah i know right, i'm waaaaay behind in blogging!} we took a much needed trip to the dentist,
who promptly referred us to an orthodontist {that i just love} to take a look at the oldest beans chompers. if you look closely
at his top right tooth in the above image {from our trip to Carter Mtn. back in October} you can see where the tooth is kinda
growing through the gum, slight issue that has pretty much been corrected since having the braces but on his top teeth.
so where is the issue you say, well that lies beneath his tongue {see photo below this one}...
333Before copy
didn't want to gross you out first thing by having my oldest beans big ol' mouth right in your face :) but as you can clearly see that tooth
decided all his own to take up residence right there behind his fellow front two chompers! doesn't he kinda look like a shark?
anyhoo we have since gone back to the orthodontist {right after Christmas}& had the bottom row put on, leaving said baby tooth
in position as a space saver until the permanent tooth is moved closer to his true home.
it should be really interesting to see how they get that stubborn little guy out of there!

but my oldest bean has been great about embracing it all...
from the terrible terrible news of no more chewy, sticky, or gooey candies {do you know how many chewy candies there are, including gum!!!}, no nuts or popcorn, no suckers or candy canes... he has happily accepted chocolate & ice cream as his new favorites & was very happy that Santa remembered such :)

to going back to have a procedure done without me {a bit of a deer in the headlights look here}...
but he did just fine & i was awarded several moments to per-ruse through a magazine!

being able to eat only soft foods for two to three days because his mouth is swollen & cut, it's hard getting used to metal in your mouth...
remember the top ones went on two days before Thanksgiving, he hardly complained!

to the worries & wonders of what his friends would think... they of course thought it was cool {how many eight year olds do you know with braces?}... he & i had an on going joke that they were his Thundercat steel teeth, if anything it at least brought a smile to his face when he was feeling a bit cheated over the situation :) he has embraced & gracefully handled it all, better than i would have at the ripe ol' age of eight.

and everyday he continues to embrace it
{um, getting hit in the face by your little brother with braces really does hit!!!}
but we are hoping by next Christmas that he will be able to shed the steel teeth & spot those straight pearly whites!

PS~ my eight year old already looked like a ten year old & he seems even older now with the braces!!! plus the other day he informed me & my hubby that he need razors so he could shave & he announced that he has spotted a few armpit arms... oh my oh my what's next!! i know, it's my car keys isn't it!

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and speaking of embracing... this wee one here is really starting to embrace the potty! as most days here lately have been spent diaperless we have had less & less accidents {though i did have to clean up the most unfortunate of accidents yesterday... yuck!} but he is trying with a big "YAY, we did it!" & hand clap at the end, mind you the sucker incentives are probably a slight help, hey bribing is not beyond me.
next step... working on his aim :)
67Before copy02

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Happy Wednesday! xoxo


Ashley Sisk said...

Love it - that last shot it too cute.

parentingBYdummies said...

Great shots! #1 just got his first phase of braces off (he has to wear them again later!). First thing he did was chewy some Bubble Yum!

SouthernSass said...

Sweet shots! I cannot believe how his bottom tooth grew in - thank goodness for orthodontists!

T~T said...

oh - my son's mouth looks the same way! Too small of a head the ortho and dentist told us! He just has not grown! I feel so bad for the boys!