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for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Over the River & Through the Woods...

To Grandmother's house we went! On Dec. 20th before heading out of town to Chattanooga we celebrated Christmas with Grandmother,
Grandpa & my hubby's sister's family. It was a joyously rambunctious time for everyone the kid-os. So without further adieu {cause you know it has taken me forever & a day to finally get some editing & posting done, but all for good reason} here is how our Christmas was spent over the river & through the woods at Grandmother's house...
02GMomXMas2010 copy02
Poor Grandpa tried his best to get home earlier but sadly missed out on Grandmother's fabulous meal & we missed out on his humorous dinner banter.
Truth be told, he was only really there for the candy & presents anyway. PS~ If you are wondering IT WAS definitely cold that night!
06GMomXMas2010 copy02

These crack me up!
{Just Perfect}
12GMomXMas2010 copy02
{me & my hubby}
14GMomXMas2010 copy02
and there it is, just wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of kissin', no mistletoe required :)
19GMomXMas2010 copy02

{Christmas Trimmings}

Ethan really wanted to play with his Army men alone, but Mommie decided to tag along with her camera, can you tell how happy he was about it...

as a tradition {well my kids & I have made it one} we bake our yummy gingerbread cookies, pack up all essentials & bring them
on over to Grandmother & Grandpa's for a bit of decorating & then promptly devouring the scrumptious cookies & all their icing trimmings!
I promise Ethan really liked them, see...
38GMomXMas2010 copy02
{me & Grandmother}
32GMomXMas2010 copy02

Present time! Present time, open a present & see what's inside!!!
Orion, Ethan & I received a trio of Snuggie's from Grandmother & Grandpa! Orion was quite excited over this {as he has been wanting one for a while now} & the fact that it was camo & came with a pair of slip proof socks, really took the cake for him. Ethan could be eaten alive by his & that really takes the cake for him! PS~ Notice Grandpa trying to keep Ethan out of his chocolate covered cherries, he has recently been named the {Candy Thief}, more on that later!
Ethan just loved his Parking Playset, we have raced miles are this lot already, as well as, putting it back together a few times after someone thought it would be a great idea to stand on it! I tell you what it was definitely made to withstand the playings of a boisterous two year old! He was also very happy to thank his Aunt Rachael for the gift :)
It just wouldn't be Christmas without a few handmade goodies from this Mommie...
an awesome Lego sack for Connor, which he received in a Dole's peach box that he didn't attempt to open at first, just explained, "Peaches... COOL!", what a great kid! Grandmother received an embroidered pillow {she LOVED the quote}, two reusable grocery bags {made from the same material that was used as curtains in their first home} & matching make-up pouches for Grandmother & Aunt Rachael, which are both lined with one of Grandmother's mother's old handkerchiefs.

{my stash}
71GMomXMas2010 copy02

{Grandpa & his two kid-os}
131GMomXMas2010 copy02
{Grandmother & her two kid-os}
141GMomXMas2010 copy02
{cousin Connor}
124GMomXMas2010 copy02
{Grandpa lovin'}
128GMomXMas2010 copy02
{Aunt Rachael & cousin Connor}
136GMomXMas2010 copy02
137GMomXMas2010 copy02

more to make you laugh...
attempts 1-5 at a family photo

Close Enough...
a wonderful time of giving & receiving was had by all!
{Merry Christmas}
123GMomXMas2010 copy02
a BIG thank you to Grandmother & Grandpa!
We love you both very much!

A very belated Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year from our family to yours!

PS~ This is just the beginning of our Christmas"ing", much more to come!


Ashley Sisk said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas. I've seriously been wondering about you and I'm so glad your blog didn't get lost when I was having glitches.

Brooke said...

Wow - what an amazing holiday! I love the family photo (attempts!) :D

SouthernSass said...

I loved your family photos - too cute! Looks like a fun family Christmas gathering!

Anonymous said...

Good to see a new post! It sure was a nice Christmas this year. Ethan and his grump-face is funny.