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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Word{Filled} Wednesday: {Pucker Up}

{**WARNING** post may make you nauseous with all the puckering up, but i promise the story & reasoning behind it are well worth hearing!}
over the past year+ i've really been honing my photography skills... since i don't have a plethora of friends or extended family here to practice on & not feeling quite prepared enough yet to be offering my services to anyone, i use my family as practice subjects {best. subjects. ever! promise i'm not being bias, maybe just a little} plus i get to really capture the moments of us at times. {long story shortened} my hubby giggles {not at me} every time i get on a roll with the pictures on our outings {& oh how he doesn't mind, he always lets me know this first} i must really love the kissing images {see why he doesn't mind :} i really have been inclined to not believe him until i started thinking about my Wordless Wednesday for this week & how i wanted to use this top image, as we are all obviously {puckering up}, then that lead into me thinking about his comment{s} so i went on a kissing expedition {if you will} through our apple picking images & i think he is right {shhh don't tell him} but i'll let you see for yourself {oh. my. how they get funnier toward the bottom, expect the last image, my favorite *squeal*} this post's completely dedicated to my hubby, so {Pucker Up Buttercup} cause if you were here right now i'd kiss you :)
love you babes!
261CarterMtn2010 copy04
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My Wee ViewWordish Wednesday

258CarterMtn2010 copy03
265CarterMtn2010 copy02
273CarterMtn2010 copy02
211CarterMtn2010 copy04

more lovelies:
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296CarterMtn2010 copy02

{favorite daddy image ever! we love you daddy}
the beans quite enjoyed the kiss craze!
267CarterMtn2010 copy02
280CarterMtn2010 copy02
295CarterMtn2010 copy02
316CarterMtn2010 copy02

{personal favorite}
297CarterMtn2010 copy02
142CarterMtn2010 copy03
298CarterMtn2010 copy02
407CarterMtn2010 copy02

{definitely floatin' on cloud nine}
201CarterMtn2010 copy02
more cloud9:

{and this is where they start to get a little funny}
i apparently need to learn the art of constructing a better kissy face :)
279CarterMtn2010 copy02
269CarterMtn2010 copy02
257CarterMtn2010 copy02
{above & below images are just too hilarious!}
278CarterMtn2010 copy02

{oh. my. favorite!}
another version here
submitting into black & white wednesday
144CarterMtn2010 copy02

more b&w:
the long road

so there you have it my kissing addiction revealed,
but how can i resist those three sweet faces!
off to catch-up on my commenting
& as always a truly appreciated
thank you for yours :)
happy wednesday! xoxo


Melissa said...

:) Love the umbrella photo! Your kids are adorable!

Ashley Sisk said...

The pictures are great but I'm gagging right now. JK

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I love all your pictures. The umbrella pictues are my favorite. There is just something about them. So sweet.

kelly said...

i just threw up a little bit! but your kissing face cracks me up. . . i have a feeling you will spend a hour or two in the bathroom practicing your kiss face!!!! which i think you should document and write a whole other post about! that would make my day! then you can dedicate it to me!

carlotta said...

So sweet! Love the umbrella ones....very cool.

walshblog said...

These photos are wonderful. Love is just radiating off every one of you, it is so easy to see how much you love each other. Wonderful photos and post... The "l is for love" shot is priceless!

Evelyn S. said...

Absolutely wonderful puckers! I like the one in which you are looking at the camera as you kiss your hubby!

Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

Sweetness! =)

justine said...

what an amazing collection! they are all fantastic and you all seem so natural in front of the camera! they are truly great shots!

AJ said...

What a great post! The ones with the umbrella are so cool...

And Miles To Go... said...

that is just beautiful!

Katie said...

What a fun idea!! I love the ones with the umbrella!!

Naomi said...

These are so darn cute! Love them! Love the umbrella ones!

Sarah Halstead said...

I love all of these. Too cute!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

For wonderful. I love all the kissing...and that last one with the selective color....LOVE!! YOu do great work!

Elizabeth said...

What an incredibly fun set of photos! So sweet, I'm not nauseous at all - love them!

Callie said...

these are so cute!!! and i cannot lie, i laughed out loud at some... just because i know that i have to look the same way, and have some pictures to prove that!
plus i love how you can see that you all had a good time taking them

Erika B said...

Such beautiful and fun shots! Love the light and color and that last one with the umbrella is just stunning. Such a cool idea.

Erika B

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

These are so gorgeous, Christine! And, I really want your hair. :o)

Anonymous said...

First one, did we tell the boys to pucker up? Funny.
Love the one w/ oldest bean gagging.
Next to last photo, Watch out for my nose it may take you out!