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Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Randomness

118CarterMtn2010 copy
i really enjoyed having a beautiful basket to carry with us this apple picking season, made for a great prop in images & it just made the
experience all the more fun... i am using the apples for {Macro Monday} at Lisa's Chaos & i'm also using them to enter into
Pastor Girl's Ponderings Photo Challenge {Color}

more color:

more macros:

74CarterMtn2010 copy
and this is the face i generally get when i ask my loving beans to say "cheese!" {i'm sure y'all are familiar with the look or maybe not...
 maybe your babes are always sweet smiling angels...**insert your laugh here**} but seriously the view from atop the hill
is just breath-taking, grouchy face or not ;)

141CarterMtn2010 copy
beep beep WHAT!!! and here is me... running, in all my glory at the orchard, trying very hard to capture this image & finally {after a much
losing battle with my remote, beep beep needs new battery} i did achieve {well sort of} the image i was going for & i am quite in love with it,
puts such a smile to my face. point in sharing this take, sometimes the first, second, tenth... nine hundredth frame may not work but keep
trying you will eventually achieve the image you are going for & you might even catch a funny moment or two along the way :)
ps~ it took about 15 to 20 shoots to achieve what i wanted or maybe we just gave up :-P
taking all your own family images is an art unto itself, my remote & tripod are my best friends!!!

theme this week for beep beep click is {lost} i think i was quite
{lost} on the timing trying to capture our kissy silhouette shot.
Show'n {View From Above}
498CarterMtn2010 copy
while soaking up the all encompassing views on our way back to the car on saturday i couldn't help but notice a tiny spec
floating between the mountain peaks in the distance... then before i knew it there were two... three... then four... hot air balloons!
so while in awe of my own stunning {view from above}, i too was jealous in awe of their extraordinary {view from above}!
the boys just loved watching 'em float about ♥

this week's theme for Show'n Tell
at Paper♥Camera is {View From Above}
more views:
Photography love...
{Mellow Yellow Monday}
519CarterMtn2010 copy
and here is another one of our views from above, the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as the sun was getting ready to set,
i truly do miss having a daily view like this...

more mellow yellow:

hope every one of you had a magical weekend filled with apple adventures, beautiful views,
silly moments & stunning sunsets or something just as happy!!!
happy monday! xoxo


Kim, USA said...

Wow you have an amazing photos!! Love it much!
MYM-More flowers
Macro Monday

Anonymous said...

I love these all. Especially your Mellow Yellow shot. Great job!

Erika B said...

Oh, wow!!!! The shot for Mellow Yellow is so perfect. I also really love the shot of the apples. Congrats to the winning collage over att The Trendy Tree House! That was such a great collage and you really deserved to win.

Erika B

Kala said...

Beautiful light in the shot of the apples!

justine said...

wow these photos are amazing, the colours, light, lovely faces and I love your little boy in the truck! I think they are all fantastic and you've done a brilliant job!

SarahinSC said...

Oh my! The view of the hot air balloons is just so pretty! I wish I was there!

SouthernSass said...

Wonderful photos - my favorite is with the umbrella in the orchard. I think you captured something quite grand! :)

AJ said...

What a beautiful post...

jillconyers said...

Beautiful photos. A calming affect.

Blondie's Abode said...

Lovely photos! They were all captured beautifully.

carlotta said...

Great shots! Love the first one...apples are so delicious. And colorful :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I love shots 3 and 4 - wow!

jdmsmith said...

Very gorgeous photos and sweet juicy looking apples! I love the umbrella one also!!!!

lisaschaos said...

Gorgeous views! And yes, my grandson gives me those looks too, lol. Yummy apples in a cute basket, who could resist?!

flat yeast bread said...

Oh me, oh my! That little purple sun flare at the bottom of the self portrait....I LOVE it.