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Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My love of a lifetime has become a life time of love...

"i love all the moments we share, but none more than moments like this... a quiet moment to tell you that i love you & that i love being married to you."
"we've grown into this life one day, one challenge, one celebration at a time... we've become a family with a crazy, funny runaround life. we've built a home, filled it with warmth & caring, made it a place where love & dreams can grow...
and it all begins with love, the love you give every day. i'm so thankful for the life we share & the happiness we've found together."
"when we fell in love, i gave you my heart. when we got married, i gave you my world. and as long as i live, i will give you my love."
"the star that makes love's dream come true... was shining on me when i met you."
"i thank my lucky stars each night that i have you to hold me tight."
"how many can say they have a true partner, friend, & lover that they can count on in good times & bad?
how many can say their love is even stronger for all they've been through together? only a lucky few... like me, thanks to you."
our day :)
"everyday love is the kind of love that's in it for the long haul."
"everyday love isn't afraid to wash the dishes or take out the trash."
"everyday love finds the romance in the kiss on the way out the door or the call in the middle of the day."
"everyday love is what i'm so lucky to be sharing with you."
"i am grateful that the love between us spans all real & imagined distances... i am glad that we are drawn ever closer."
"in a world of rush & crush & crowds, it all comes down to this... a tender word, a gentle touch, a smile, a look, a kiss, it all comes down to faith & trust,
it all comes down to whether we're going it alone or know we're in this together...
in a world of hype & hurry, in a world of push & shove, it all comes down to you & me, it all comes down to love."
you & me
it has been a magical seven years, filled with smiles & laughter, joy & happiness, emotion & love!
here's to many more magical years & anniversaries to come... i love you baby♥

**note: i know! i'm soooo behind in posting this, as our anniversary was a month ago, aug. 23rd!!!! but better late than never right :) also, i thought it would be nice to pull out some of the cards we've given each other over the years (it made for a fun/weepy read), but gave me the idea of using the sentimental sayings within for our anniversary post. so the quoted sayings are from various cards we have shared with each other over the past seven years of marriage, one i was even given twice! thank you for making my everyday worth living, love you babes!**

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aclamp said...

that is awesome! i love how you two were swapping the silly bands! congrats to you! oh, and we almost have matching anniversaries...we were married august 21, 2004!