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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Toy Story Tuesday: All Work with Lots of Play!

Last Monday Orion was out of school for, you guessed it, SNOW! Well his daddy, being the awesome man that he is, invited Orion to tag along while he was working. My husband is a Real Estate Appraiser, and he too has been known to take a photo here & there, of houses that is, so naturally Orion snapped a house shot or two:) Please note: Orion was over the moon with joy to follow his daddy around for the day. Upon his return home he happily let me know that he did not "disturb" anyone while hanging with daddy at work.

"Mimicking Daddy"
Kenneth is taking the measurements for the outside of the house.
He also photo documents the property and writes up an extensive report for value.

"Ice Bench"
Forgot to post this one last week!
Shot this after our lesson in being patient with the focus.

"Friend Bound"
On our way to see some great friends, The Gozzi's, this past weekend!
Hopefully post to come, if I can catch-up!!!

"Abstract Flash"
Using his flash to create abstract photography on the car window. Very creative, a great way for me to introduce him to the concept of abstract.

"His Favorites"
Webkinz & Neo Pets

"Cars in a Line"

"Self Portrait"
One of many to come, I sure!

"Toy X Games"
Looks as though the gold goes to Lizard Larry by a tail lash
& it's a silver metal for poor Lego Lou! Love the reflections in this one.

Orion just loves watching the Winter Games, snowboarding, his favorite. I think this is because it's so much like skateboarding. I can't tell you the number of times over the weekend he asked to watch the Olympics, it was quite cute:)

Video of the Week: Wanna come over & play?

Let your little one be creative, and see what their imagination congers up! Display it proud for them, doesn't have to be photography, draw or paint a picture, shoot a video in a creative way, make a routine or compose a song! We can't wait to see what you come up with! Please grab our button from the top of the sidebar to display, go get creative with the kids and come back here to link up and share your own "Toy Story".

I apologize for my delay, as we had a very busy weekend, and it has taken me a bit to catch up on everything! I will have Mr. Linky up & running from now on by 9pm Monday night, find it best to give myself a deadline:) Thank you for your patience and for participating!

Happy Toy Story Tuesday!


Mommy to a lil lady[bug] said...

He takes great pictures!

Not So Average Mama said...

I totally thought I left a comment...my brain is FRIED! Great job! You are doing so awesome on focusing!

Not So Average Mama said...
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Linda said...

Hey Orion, Nana thinks that you are just about as good as your Mom. I love your shots and your short movie. Keep up the good work I love you NANA.

sunnymama said...

Great pictures. He definitely has a talent! We had a busy week so sunnyboy hasn't been using the camera much but I hope we'll have some pictures to share by next week's Toy Story Tuesday. :)