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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Toddler Tales: Growing, Growing...

But not soon to be gone! Thank goodness, because I can hardly stand the thought of him getting another day older, a little more deviant (really I know he's just testing his boundaries) and all the more independent! Some days I find myself wondering, not really wanting mind you, just wondering, what it would be like to have another baby in the house. A little girl perhaps to spoil with ribbons, baby dolls, and little pink booties. Then... all the sudden... a loud crash or sharp scream brings me back to an almost ever present thought... we only make boys. My fear; we try and try, only to make enough boys to start our own football team, I don't even really like football. My point to this ramble... softness... softness is a much needed necessity amongst this rowdy group of boys I've got here. The kind of softness only a little baby girl can bring... a daddy's girl , a sister to protect, a daughter to bond with and nourish into a lovely young woman. Don't get me wrong I love my rowdy bunch, it's just some days the cars and trucks become all too much for this Mama of Men:)

One of Orion and Ethan's mutual favorite pass times... racing there big cars across the floor with a knee slide finish.

Like I said Ethan is growing at a rapid pace, so much so I am all over the map on his milestones, too many to count now! But here's a run down:

~New Phrases~
(words are now only accompanied by others words; sentences are forming)

**Numbers - he is counting all over the place, and I love it! They may not always be in the correct order but the fever has caught on!
**Alphabet - He is quite obsessed with the letter "H" right now. I even think he has made up his own song, that he sometimes sings while playing.
**Bless You - followed by a fake sneeze:)
**It's stinky - referring to his dirty diaper; which he happily stuck his finger in the other day. The smell apparently was not enough we needed a visual as well. YUCK!!!
**Circle, round and round; cookie!
**Clean-up! Clean-up!
(we sing everybody clean-up, clean-up)
**Mr. Noodle (on Sesame St.)
**Called Ehor a cow... too cute!
**My Button - referring to Belly Button
**Asks: Are you k (i.e- okay)? (when others are hurt)
**Example of boundary testing: Throws bowl of food or cup in floor, looks at you and proceeds to say, "You want spanking?" with a grin on his face. This gets me every time and I have to turn so he can't see me smiling.

~The Sweetest!~

~New Habits~
**Coloring, scribbling, and an occasional floor mural; thank goodness it's only been in pencil:)
**Can open his bedroom door now. We have resorted to putting a baby gate there a night.
**For some reason now getting up in the middle of the night to greet us with a "Hey!"
**Buster's Daddies belly; this is all too funny!
**Likes to think he can work the DVD player. Ethan put shoved several options into the VHS slot. One VHS tape, 2 DVDs and an empty thin CD case. No wonder the tape was stuck! Good news The DVD player survived!
**Unfortunately his eating habits are declining and he is becoming slightly picky over what he eats.
**Stacking - blocks, toys, or bananas!

Loves to read!

~Playing Hide-n-Seek~

(photo credit: Orion Davis)

~Tickle Your Toes~

He's such an adventurer!

Loves to swing!

Always following his big brother!

Gotta love Orion's face... hehe!

Orion too is growing! His drawing classes are almost complete; will post his drawings soon. He has been drawing all the time, mostly Pokemon characters and at home scenes. Here are a few photos of him in action!

~Sleepy Head~

Swinging with Daddy!

~Perfect Landing~

A little girl would be grand, but for now my boys ARE my world!

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