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for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Double Whammy Day!

Today I was quite distracted with photographing shadows/light for Shadow Shot Sunday & images that are ever present in my life right now for Mosaic Mondays, also some booties & a box I made for a friend's sister who is due any day for De-stashing in 2010! Anyhoo while I was distracted, Ethan busied himself also:) It wasn't until I heard scratching of crayon to door that my attention was alerted! Thank you Ethan I thought the basement door needed a touch of color to detract from the smudgy dirty finger prints:)

Well folks the best is yet to come! While I was busy taking photographic evidence of Ethan's free spirited drawing, he had slipped off. "Where to?" you ask. To big brother's room, to help out and feed the fish. And oh what a help he was:) Keep reading for the whole story...

If you give a little boy a crayon, he's bound to draw on the wall.

While you're busy, not cleaning, but taking photos of that drawing, he'll sneak off to the next room.

And when he gets to that room, he's going to want to feed the fish.
So he'll get up on the slide, cause he's just too short without.

Reach for the fish food and throw it all about!

It won't be until you hear, "Eat! Fizzes! Eat!", that the crayon becomes the least of your nightmares!

You round the corner, your camera still in hand, to find that little boy and fish confetti all over the floor!

And once again instead of cleaning, you photograph his busy doings.

Finally, you grab the vacuum to clean-up the mess, no harm, no foul. Think I'll just let him have the crayons next time!

How could I be upset at that sweet little boy's face?

So what's gracing your walls these days?

PS~ Waiting on a few things to arrive UPS, so so so EXCITED! Can't wait for 'em to arrive so I can share with you!


kellog said...

hilarious!!! love it. . . . . i wish i had an ethan drawing, maybe paper instead of my walls, but a drawing maybe with some fish food confetti adornment also!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

that started out sounding like "When You Give A Pig A Pancake!"
He looks so cute and happy.

Now for a story.....something like that happened to my sister's best friend. She was on the phone LD with her hubby who was in Desert Storm. Meanwhile their 2 year old had poured blue finger paint on the rug in his room and had turned himself into a Smurf!