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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowflakes Keep Fall'n on Our Heads!

This morning we woke to... SNOW!!!
It actually started last night, but there is nothing like the sight of a fresh snowfall in the morning. Ethan's first real peek at the snow when I opened the back door for him. WOW! was about all he could get out:)

~The Neighborhood~
Our front yard mainly, back deck, and now useless umbrella
that bent from the weight of the snow!

We watched some flakes fall this morning and then all geared up for a little outside play! Ethan had quite a difficult time walking through the deep snow, the street worked best for him. He did enjoy a few cardboard sled rides down the path I made in our driveway. But needless to say he did not last long and was soon sent back inside to enjoy a snack and a snowy day video. Can you tell how much fun he was having!

As we do not have any "real" sleds we make do with what we can find. This time around we tried a duct taped cardboard box (worked best for Ethan), a pool float (worked best for me), and the side of our Red Rider wagon (worked best for Orion to snowboard down hill), our neighborhood friends are really great about sharing and giving Orion turns on their sleds. Thanks guys! Here is me conquering our driveway!

Orion would have stayed out there all day if we'd let him!
Here is Ken's attempt at some Cardboard Snowboarding!

While the kid-os were sledding I was fashioning Our Family of Four Snow Family! Hence why there are really no pictures of the kids sledding, my hands were deep in snow and I was in full concentration mode. When it snows my favorite thing to do is build the snowman! As no one else in my family really cares for this I am usually left alone to create! Orion says it is because I like everything so perfect! So here we are, me and "perfect" snow family:)

~Snow Family~

We can't wait to warm back up and head out
for round two... snowball fight!!!

~March '09 Snowfall~

What a great way to start our Christmas!!!

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Jillian said...

Its been a marvelous snow day! So glad our boys could get together and sled--almost ALL day long! Your photographs are beautiful! You captured the snow event very well with your photography. So tell me the trick for the collages on your blog...do you make them in adobe?