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Monday, December 14, 2009

Play Date at CMOR

Last Wednesday we shook our play date up a bit! My good friend, Jillian offered us 2 free passes to attend the Children's Museum of Richmond with her and the kids. We happily accepted! Ethan had not yet been and I had not been since my parents visited two years ago when I was pregnant with Ethan! The museum has had many wonderful improvements done. There is now a cow you can milk, news station, apple tree that you can pick "apples" (red balls), fill a basket and then put 'em back into the tree to be redistributed through plastic tubes to go collect 'em all over again!

This is how we started out! Two adults in the front and five children in the back, ages 6, 4, 2 1/2, 1 1/2, and 2 months. Vans are awesome! It was not the space that was the issue it is the space the car seats themselves eat up! But they are a much needed necessity and we managed to get everyone securely fastened in, see...

So off we went... two ambitious mama's with 5 little eager ones in toe!

The day went very well, Ethan ran and ran! I felt like I hardly saw Jillian and her kids because Ethan was all over the place! It was great to be able to see him just freely run. He is not one to be easily intimidated, there were a couple of large groups of field trip children running about, and he hung right in there!

I loved the stage area and could have stayed there all day!

The photo with the tubes is the inside of the apple tree... so cool!

The morning started out chilly, but warmed up enough for us to enjoy an outside lunch. With all the distractions of playing Ethan didn't eat that much lunch. But it was a great time for Jillian and I to be able to chat for a moment.

After lunch water play was next on the list! Ethan's shirt was so soaked in the end, that I had to take it off and but his red zip-up Christmas sweater on him. He played hard!

Thank you Jillian! We had a wonderful time and the kid-os were thoroughly exhausted!

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