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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A 'Nooga Thanksgiving

This year our Thanksgiving was spent in Chattanooga, TN at Nana and Grampy's house on Signal Mtn.


 We packed up the car Tuesday night and headed out, drove to our usual stopping point in Damascus, VA, spent the night, and finished up the drive on Wednesday, arriving at Nana's around 3pm. It was great to see my entire family and have them see how much the kids have grown over the last year, Ethan especially. We all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner together!

Ethan enjoyed his very much so! Turkey... Yummy!!!!

It took all of 5 minutes to shovel his food
down and happily reply, " All Done!"

We had the most beautiful weather, a much needed break from all the rain
we were having and still continue to have here at home.

The Chattanooga Aquarium was a must on our list, especially since it has had many improvements since we last attended! The kids had a wonderful time and so did Ken and I, a rediscovery, we almost felt like tourists!!

~The River~

Love this one!
What do you do while waitin' on the elevator?

The day before we left we were fortunate enough to go down to Coolidge Park for some play/run time and
a carousel ride or two. My mom, dad, and nephew were there too. Ken's long time friend also met us with
his two adorable children. It is amazing how fast they grow!

Before our trip to the Aquarium, we went by Signal Point with my parents and snapped some great family shots!Find that I never have photos of my children and their grandparents. Trying to make more of an effort these days when the opportunity presents itself. Wish I could be as awesome as my Grandma at getting everyone to sit down and do individual family shots... maybe next year!

~A Signal Shoot~

~Kiss Kiss~

Ken loves all my pathological picture taking here lately...
says he's never gotten so many kisses:)



Grampy was calming the masses with chocolate:)

She was right... Favorite!

He may kill me for this but... look at the progression of my dad's face.
He is a talker when it comes to photo taking and a frequent
offender of having his eyes closed:) Hehe!

By far my favorite of him:)

Another Favorite!

~The End~

No one (but me) wanted to take this shoot either... but I think it turned out great!

Hope everyone else had a happy and turkey filled Thanksgiving too!
Now bring on Christmas!

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Jillian said...

Seems we're both bloggin' tonight about the MANY photos we took over Thanksgiving! Looks like you all had a fantastic time. I simply LOVE the last photo just before the end. What a great photo story! I enjoyed catching up about your holiday weekend!