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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toddler Tales... The Talking Explorer!

Ethan has been doing nothing but talking, talking, talking here lately, and I love it! To me this is the best time, he is at the "explorer" and language explosion stage. Curious about everything... how does it work... what happens if I put this in here... does it come apart... what happens when you push this button? I can read every question on his face as he tries to flush and/or put something in the toilet, gets a hold of the remote, unsuccessfully but oh-so-diligently tries to operate the VCR/DVD player:)

He is talking the talk!
Common words & phrases:
>bus, kitty, cup, juice, Blues Clues, Elmo, slide, swing, ball, apple, strawberry, banana, car,
snack, milk, truck, train, choo-choo, bridge, help, eat, hungry, dog...
Will repeat just about anything, when asked.
>Let's Go! (Orion's favorite), I see you or See you later,
>Go outside, in a lil' pitiful tone, as to make you feel sorry for him, & immediately take him out to play.
>Awww-somme, the way he draws it out, wish I could bottle his little voice up!
>Ready, Set, GO! when we are heading down the slide!
>Extreme, which sounds exactly like green bean... too cute!
>O-rye-n (his version of Orion), which he now yells when we head out to play if Orion is already out.
>Points and says, "The Moon!" Like it is the first time he has seen it... every time!
>Love You, every night now when we put him to bed:)
And our all time favorite...
>I'm Okaaaayyyyy!!! Says this just about every time he
falls down, bumps his head, slips unexpectedly,
trips, just to let us know... He's Okaaayyyy!

He is a loving, rambunctious, adventurous, smart, curious, quick, talkative, full blown toddler! Who loves coloring, rummaging, and standing at the bottom of the stairs with a repetitive Mommie, Mommie, Mommie until he is answered. He can be patient and persistent.

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randi said...

It's great that you are keeping track of your little guy's words and habits. It is amazing how much you forget over the years!