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Monday, November 2, 2009

Maymont, Mommy, & Me

On Thursday, October 22, I took Ethan on an outing to Maymont. Packed us up a picnic lunch in the book bag and away we went:) The day was beautiful, took the tripod along and got some great fall photos of us together! Opted not to take the stroller with me because I find it restricting when walking around the park, plus I wanted to wear Ethan out... mission accomplished on that one! We hung out at the barn looking at the animals for about 2.5 seconds and then the boy was off!!!

We saw goats, the fox, and lots of beautifully colored trees!
But Ethan's favorite by far was the train:)

The boy ran up hill and then he ran down...
He jumped and he jumped til he hit the ground!!

He loved the waterfall too! Climbed all the way up the stairs
to the viewing tower by himself! Very determined little boy.

The coy fish pond was awesome that day...
the fish swam right up to us!
Assuming they were expecting food, but we had none:(

Ethan was amazed!

Love it!

And then came the tree!!!
We spent over 30 minutes just playing around this tree!

He climbed, he jumped, and he tumbled and rolled!

~Mommy, Me, & The Tree~

~Dirt, Dirt, & More Dirt~

~Foundation Fun~

One of my favorites from that day!

~Stairs! Stairs! Stairs!~

~The Look of Innocence~

~Run, Eetz, Run~

~Lunch Time~

Yeah! I was bribing him with Cheetos:)

Some randoms of us!

~Nature Lover~

~The Fountain of Youth~
This shot was also my Wordless Wednesday last week.
A favorite!
This little strawberry blond girl was the cutest!
Her and Ethan chased each other round and round the fountain!

And now you know why the boy looked liked this...
 2 seconds after pulling away from the park!
We were there for over 3 hours!!
Ethan walked/ran every step that day,
with me in toe just snapping away:)

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