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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloweeeeeennnn!!!

What to be? What to be? Isn't that the way every Halloween costume conversation starts? Well in our house it does. This year Orion happily decided on an Air Force Pilot:) So my wheels were put into motion. Inspired by my neighbor friend, Jillian, who made 3 of her children Roman Solider helmets, thought I'd give it a go with Orion's.

Started with cardboard cutouts (lower back piece and forehead) taped to a balloon, then I mixed 2 parts flour and 1 part water, used for glue to adhere the newspaper. And slowly the process began, building up layer, after layer. We had some sunshine for a bit here and there, was able to place the helmet outside for drying, those days I could get 2 layers done. Once thick enough and dry, I painted the helmet black. I must add there was lots of paint mixing in our costume making this year.

Orion giving the balloon a pop!

Daddy painted the helmet camouflage for Mommy.
And might I say... He did a fantastic job!!!
He insisted we needed at least
3 shades of color... you were right babes:)

Included in the costume was a ventilation
mask with hole cut in middle for tube to fit through.
Pilot's air mask while flying high altitude.
In the rush of photo taking, Halloween night, it was left out:(

Orion also sported a camouflage vest and awesome bag
with his own personalized camouflage initials, both made by me:)

I also made one for Orion's great friend, Andrew, for his 6th birthday!

And here he is my...
~Air Force Pilot~
Halloween '08 ~ Pikachu

Ethan was an owl again this year:)
Sorry buddy but you wore this last year for
about a minute before going to bed!

~Hoot Hoot~
  Halloween '08 (left)  ~  Halloween '09 (right)
Look how big he's gotten!!!

~Halloween Howls & Giggles~

~Trick or Treat~
Cousin Connor came along for Trick or Treating again this year!

This was the first year I've officially walked/ran the neighborhood trick or treating (T&T) with the kids. The evening was unusually warm, not really the feeling of a chilly Hallows Eve. But we persevered anyway. Grandmother, Grandpa, Aunt Rachael, Uncle Jeremy, and Connor came over to go T&T the neighborhood with us. I had such a blast:) Loved showing Orion how I did T&T when I was a kid. First and foremost, homemade costumes by Nana:) Running from door to door with our pillowcases trying to fill 'em to the top! Grampy in toe, headlights lighting the way. Neighborhood to neighborhood, til our feet felt like they would fall off! Getting home and spreading the loot out on the floor for inspection. And then the weeks and weeks of candy bliss:) Oh the joy! My favorite part is that after I got him going, running from house to house telling him this story, in the end, you wanna know what he said? " You're awesome, Mommy!" That was awesome!

And Daddy with Ethan... what a trooper:) Ken carried/walked with Ethan from door to every other door. Where Ethan promptly greeted candy givers with a "yes" (his version of please), in loo of a "trick or treat". It was ridiculously cute, Ken really wanted Ethan to have the full on Halloween experience. Ethan was also very interested in the Halloween yard decorations, could have stood there all night if we'd of let him!

Ken & I also got in on the action!
We had a Halloween Housing Warming to attend.
Not wanting to be a poor sport I came up with these guys last minute:)
What are we???

~Pacman & The Red Ghost~
Don't we look like we should have a pitch fork and shovel in hand? Ha!
They were a hit at the party!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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