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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Officially a Soccer Mom!

Oh yes it is true:) Muddy cleats, smelly socks, and grass stained jerseys a plenty this fall!

Orion started his first official season of soccer about mid-September.  And where did he start his first official game... GOALIE!!! He did so well for never having played before.

As the last couple of weeks have passed and he now has a few games/practices under his belt, his skill and confidence has improved:) He has also made several new friends!


With Coach & Teammates

Water Break

Trying to keep Ethan off the field... he wanted to play too!

~Play'n with Mommie~

~Silly Boy~

Ethan LOVES playing in the small patch of woods by the field!
~Nature Wizard~

~A soccer ball all his own~

Cheering Orion on!

~Little Feet Melt Big Hearts~


~One of my favorites~

~Oh So Proud Daddy~

~All Star~

~Oh So Proud Mommie~

He is doing great and we ARE oh so proud and can't wait to continue this for years to come!

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