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Friday, October 16, 2009

Phish-y Surprises!

At the end of this summer my wonderful husband, Ken, surprised me with so many adventures...
On August 15th he whisked me away on a surprise trip that he had been hinting about since June. He wanted to make sure we DID NOT have plans for that weekend. So there we are Saturday afternoon, kids dropped off at the grandparents until Monday, and all I know is we are headed north.

First, I want you all to know that I was overjoyed by the thought of this surprise and didn't want to know any details prior. Even when the tickets came in the mail and all I had to do was rip the package to see what was in store. Even when I found them OPEN in Ken's drawer while doing laundry, I still did not peak. Ken worked very hard at keeping it a surprise:) So a bit into the trip when it was apparent we were headed towards DC...

I asked to be allotted 3 questions...

Q: Are we going to drive through DC?

Q: Are we going to a music festival?
A: NO, but going to see music.

Q: Have we seen them play before?
A: YES, several times.

After the last question I get all excited cause I think we are going to see The Dead... no Christine not them. So I sit and I think and think and think... okay at this point imagine the light bulb going on over my head... ding ding ding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very calm tone... Are we going to see Phish??? YES WE ARE, at Merriweather Post in Columbia, MD:) OMG!!!!! I started SCREAMING in the van at the top of my lungs, jumping up and down my sit, and immediately started texting my friend Kelly P. She quickly responded with a Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? combo:) I could not believe it!

Phish, is a band Ken, I , and friends used to frequently go to their concerts, back in the day of our younger youth. Well they stopped playing together a few years ago and had just recently (in March) reunited. Ken was able to catch a show with a friend in March (Hampton, VA) and I was supposed to go in June to see them (Knoxville, TN) but was unable to make the trip. So Ken being the loving husband he is, wanting me to go and knowing I (deep down) really wanted to see them play again, gave me the best surprise! So now you can see why the secret was hard to keep!


Kenny kneeling to Cornhole!


The show was amazing, brought back so many memories for Ken & me. They played a lot of new stuff but we did get taken back with such renditions as Tweezer, The Slouth, & one of my all time favorites, Harry Hood.
Where do you go when the lights go out, Harry?
Here are a few photos!!

~Show Scenes~

~Happy Show Goers~

To my astonishment it was not the end of the surprise... I mentioned no kids til Monday, right? That's because he also had gotten us a room at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Baltimore, MD. We were going to spend the rest of the weekend there... ALONE!!! It was a magnificently peaceful time for us both.

We started off Saturday with a walk into the harbor and ate lunch at Uno's.

~View from Our Table~

~My Love~

~Wait'n on Lunch~

~Sit'n on a Huge Anchor~

I love these photos!


~A Few Sites~

~Row House Cellar Doors~


~Water Taxi~

~Another View of Harbor~

~Our Initials~
Outside of a restaurant we strolled past:)
Ken really wanted me to take his picture in this little doorway... great photo!
Didn't realize until I got home to edit that the numbers above the door are our anniversary!!
~August 23rd~
Our 6th anniversary was one week after this photo was taken.
An amazing week spent at the beach, as family:)

Some afternoon "Cool Running's" at Woody's Rum Bar... yum yum!

~Going Out to Dinner~
We ate dinner at the most amazing Italian restaurant in "Little Italy"

~Awesome Submarine~

~Night Life~

~So Happy Together~
It was a wonderful weekend sweetie... I couldn't have asked for more!

I Love You!!!!


Jillian said...

This looks like it was such a special time for you two. I'm so happy for you that you got the opportunity to get away. So refreshing! On another note...I really NEED the recipe for that yummy "peach crisp" that you made. Mmmm...I've never had anything like it.

Kenneth said...

I had a great time too babes,anywhere with you is fun! Thanks for taking charge with the photos, your a pro. Loves!